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postvites is a webapp where presenters personally invite attendees to their poster.

“It is such a great way to put control of the poster session into the presenters’ hands, where it should be.”
– Evolution 2017 attendee
“This is how I first met my post‑doctoral advisor when I was in my 3rd year. I would recommend everyone take advantage!“
– Justin Buchanan @aDrosofella
“This was incredibly valuable and I got excellent feedback on future directions from the people I invited.”
– Evolution 2017 presenter
“Few times I’ve been invited the students were thrilled that I came and we had great conversations...makes large meetings more manageable.”
– Jason Munshi-South @urbanevol
“Because of the invite system, I feel that my experience giving a poster was far more beneficial than if I’d given a talk.”
– Evolution 2017 presenter
“This is a great idea and definitely gave me an important experience that I would not have otherwise had.”
– Evolution 2017 presenter
“Even more excited about #evol2017 after looking through poster invite emails this morning!”
– Hannah Marx @marxhanna
“This was absolutely brilliant! I told all my colleagues about it and they wish it was available at their meetings.”
– Evolution 2017 presenter

Promote 1-on-1 interactions between researchers.

We’ve helped faculty recruit postdocs and students meet future advisors.


Our invitation webapp works great on desktop and mobile

Custom Messages

Presenters can write personalized messages to attendees

Automatic Emails

Attendees are emailed poster details with reminders sent on the day


Secret links and HTTPS encryption keep attendee information safe

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postvites was created in 2016 by undergraduate researcher Arman Bilge. Since then, it’s been used by the Society for the Study of Evolution, the Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution, and the European Society for Evolutionary Biology. postvites is now maintained by Ravi Patel.